Sunday, 10 September 2017

State of Inner Peace

“We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Our inherent spiritual state of being is love, joy and peace, all in balance. This is a causeless state, meaning there is no outside influence for the condition. Anything outside of our Self is either an addition, a subtraction or an irritant to those three main states.

Fear is not an attribute of the spirit. It has been said that fear and all that comes with it are manifestations and experiences within our physical existence. By dancing with fear and ego and feeling the overwhelming pains and discovering the spiritual disassociation linked to them, we eventually begin our journey back to our original state.

How does one know that they are closer to these main states or in balance? You will just know. It will vary as your individual spirit is beautiful and unique.

Perhaps, it could be that your evolution may unfold in a way where you begin to experience moments of balance that will stop you in your tracks to allow you to quietly observe them. As you shift higher in consciousness, you will be releasing any and all disharmonious energies. As you face yourself and honor your truth, you will feel your soul’s joy flow within you.

As you release attachments, forgive and love yourself, life becomes an effortless pace. Life is indeed more peaceful and calm. And, as you become to realize your connection to everything, your oneness to all, love floods the spiritual body.

Your path to enlightenment is merely the art of accessing your inner wisdom, that perpetual guide that was always attached to Divine Truth and Creation. You will begin to listen more closely. As you learn to do things to only benefit the magnificence of your soul, you will feel the balance consistently and completely.

The goal of this journey is to discover your spiritual truth while walking in a human body. Your truth is love, joy and peace in spirit. It takes time to fully get there. It takes diligence. It takes purpose.

It is rewarding.

When you feel your true peace in your soul it will be remarkable. You will take a deep breath from below the sacral to the crown chakras and feel nothing but ease.

No more questions.
No more discord.
No more struggle.
Reach for this state. It is your spiritual birthright.

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN-Love. This is the Divine Life.



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