Monday, 31 October 2016

Learning to Trust Your Own Psychic Ability and Intuition

One of the biggest obstacles many people face as they learn how to become psychic and tap into their own intuition is learning to trust themselves and their ability. Trusting yourself can certainly be hard to develop as we tend to second-guess every feeling, belief or psychic experience. You may find yourself asking, “Is this real?” “Am I imagining this?”

Psychic Ability

Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle: Doubt
This is a challenge you must overcome to develop intuition and psychic ability as this self-doubt can destroy psychic awareness, along with other possibilities. Many of us are taught as children or adults, either by a parent, teacher or even a spouse, to doubt these intuitive feelings. Many times, we are instructed to ask someone else for answers and trust in them.

Something you must realize is no one can know you the way you know yourself and you must learn to trust your intuition.

Keeping a Journal
Some people find it helpful to keep a journal as they first journey to unlock psychic intuition. A journal about your psychic awareness is a place where you can store your visions, dreams, feelings, thoughts and your guesses and it’s helpful to review it every week to discover just how accurate your intuition is becoming over time. You will see for yourself how your psychic intuition is growing and learn to trust in your innate gift.

Guided Meditation or Meditation
Another thing that will help you increase your awareness is meditation, which may be practiced on your own or through guided meditation, in which a guide helps you through the process and takes you on an inner journey to uncover and develop intuition and other gifts. Meditation helps us still our mind and learn focus. Focusing your mind will also help you discover the difference between self thoughts and non-self thoughts, which are simply psychic impressions we receive. Self thoughts, on the other hand, are those doubts we have been conditioned to have about everything.

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult and it also offers other benefits, including stress reduction. Aim for 10-20 minutes of meditation every day and learn to trust in your own psychic awareness.


Sunday, 30 October 2016

Guide to Astrology, Numerology, and Horoscope Readings

Everything in existence is energy. Even stones, grass and soil are energy. Energy moves on sound waves called frequency. To understand better what I’m going to explain, go to YouTube and pull up binaural beats. Select one and, using headphones, listen to one. Binaural beats work on frequencies. One frequency is recorded on the left side and one on the right. They come in and out of range as is natural. The sound they make at the same time they reach the same place in the range is the binaural beat.

Your mind works on left and right sides. Everyday knowledge is controlled by the right brain. The left is dedicated to the spiritual. In order to understand astrology, numerology and a horoscope, you must understand the left side of your brain. It is there that the energy will approach you and it is there that you will understand its meaning.

When the planets hit us with their energy they move on a certain frequency. Astrology is the science of understanding the energies and the frequencies along which they move. A horoscope is written by an astrologer who explains how the energies will affect us. Numerology is the assignment of those energies to numbers. With those numbers, the aspects, angles and degrees of the planets are configured. Astrology determines what energies will affect what frequencies.

Psychic readings work the same way. A psychic will ask you for the numbers in your life such as date and time of birth plus age. These numbers are representations of energies such as compassion, understanding, love, ambition, balance, justice or dreams. They psychic will tell you what characteristics these energies describe in your life. .

Many people think astrology, horoscope readings and numerology are mumbo-jumbo. They are actually founded on the most ancient and strict of scientific tenets as described by Pythagoras in the 6th century BC. The energies of the universe have been understood since pre-recorded history. The practice of these sciences have basis in ancient knowledge. In fact, science is now beginning to understand quantum physics and how the energies work.

For those who believe everything is One, readings by astrologers and psychics teach how to project into the universe the correct energies for optimal good. This is how distance healers use the frequencies and the energies. Horoscope readings tell us what energies are active in our lives in addition to telling us when we are learning the correct lessons and when we’re barking up the wrong tree. Numerology teaches us which numbers represent what energies and we are able to use them for our highest good.

The binaural beats were formulated using numbers. They are energy. They come to us on a frequency. They affect us in various ways such as healing, meditation and relief from sadness. Had they been based in something other than numbers, the characteristics they represent would have been better understood by the right brain.


Evidential Mediumship

What is it? What is the goal of it?

The goal of evidential mediumship is to provide evidence that there is life after the physical passing.

 Evidential Mediumship

The purpose is to provide comfort and to provide healing. It is to give a connection to Spirit and give people faith that there is life after the physical passing. Before meeting, I meditate and connect with my guides and teachers. When I first meet with a client, I tune into their energy field and say a prayer for that what happens in the session be for the client’s highest good and greatest joy.

I am clairsentient which means I feel the energy of those around me. I feel the energy of their character and of their personality. I can tell you what type of person they are and what he/she was like to be around. I am also clairvoyant, which means I can see the Spirit. I can see how tall or short they are and what they dress like (casual, formal…), their mannerisms, etc. I can see them in their work environment and I can also see them in their home environment.

I used to close my eyes and see all this, but now I am able to “see” with my eyes open. I may close my eyes from time to time and that is just to see a clearer picture of what they are showing me. Sometimes I ask them to put something in my hand. I tell you, the client who the Spirit is and on what side of the family they are from, whether it is your mom’s brother, your dad’s uncle or your grandma. I tell you experiences and memories that you had with the person who passed. I tell you where they were from. I describe some events that happened in the home.

All the time, another family member will join in as well. I ask them a lot of questions like if they had pets, what they did for a profession, how they passed, how old they were when they passed, their hobbies, etc… I encourage questions from you during the session. This session is for you. I am always happy to turn over the role of “the journalist”.  Messages always come through. The message is usually for you, but sometimes the message is for someone else in your family. The messages range in topic from health to finances to career to home or family


Space Clearing

space clearing

Space clearing can be for a large space or a small space. It can be for an indoor area or an outdoor area. Please call with details and I can give a price quote depending on the details. For example, the price for a two bedroom house will be cheaper than for a 300 room hotel.

I first became aware of dark energies and earthbound spirits when I was nine. I newly attended a Catholic school and every Friday the whole entire school class went to Mass. It felt so bad for me to go into the church which was a Mission and I had always excused myself to sit outside. I had been attending Mass at many other churches for many years and I never felt this feeling I had inside like I did when I went into that particular Mission.

The yucky feeling I had in me when going inside that mission became very familiar as time went by. When my family and I went on vacations, I would often feel the same bad feeling in Historic places. I came to later realize what the feeling was and it was that of earthbound spirits.

When I was a young adult, I went back to the same mission and the horrible feeling that I remembered was gone. The energy was cleared. I also later read that many people died in that mission during wartime. I was happy to know that the energy was cleared and I became interested in knowing how it happened. In 2005, I took my first class on Space Clearing and learned how to not only clear dark energies, but also earthbound spirits.

Earthbound Spirits are Spirits who didn’t know how to move into the light because of the nature of their death. They stayed on this earthplane, where it is very uncomfortable to be without a body. Sometimes, I think the bad, yucky feeling I have when there is an earthbound Spirit around me is the same feeling that they must be feeling.

In clearing spaces with Earthbound Spirits, I approach them with love and respect. At the time of their death, I think they must have been confused. There was some reason why they did not right away go into the light. I ask that their close family and friends come forward for assistance. I ask the archangels for assistance to move them into the light. The process is more lengthy, but it always works.

I feel the shift in energy as the space is cleared and I feel a celebration on the other side as they are greeted into the light. In all this, I am in an altered state. I go deep in meditation where I am able to transcend space. I am able to be in the space that is requiring the healing. I am able to see the energy in all the areas and spaces.


Tarot Cards Information

Tarot cards come in 78 units within a single deck, and each card will have its own special meaning. When a tarot reading is performed with the cards, they will give insight into various things about your personality and life. However, to understand the significance of these cards, you must first understand what they all mean. The tarot cards can be broken down into three large categories, and these are Court Cards, Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana. By understanding all three of these card categories, you will learn more about tarot cards, and you will also learn more about your own future. One of the most well known cards is the Magician. This card falls under the Major Arcana card category.

tarot cards

The Magician card will showcase the infinity symbol, and it should have a red and white color. It should also show an image of a pentacle, sword, and wand. Even people who are not familiar with tarot cards generally recognize the Magician. If this card should shows up in your reading, it is a sign that you may have a vision that comprises your most intense desires. The minor Arcana tarot cards may be one of four suits. The four suits are swords, pentacles, cups, and wands. The wands will symbolize fire, and if it is shown during your reader, it is connected to fire and passion. The cup suit is used to denote water, and this card is directly connected to emotion.

The cup card is generally connected to a love for someone, or emotions which are intense. The sword suit is used to symbolize air, and this is a sign that there is some issues in your thoughts. The pentacles tarot card is used to represent the Earth, and it is also connected to things such as money, fortune, or the physical body. The court cards are also important when it comes to tarot reading. The court cards will be comprised of queens, kings, pages, and knights. A page tarot card will be used to denote children, and if there are not children available, it may also deal with an alter ego. The king tarot card is used to denote the beginning as well as the conclusion.

If something is about to begin or finish in your life, the king tarot card may be present at your reading. The knight tarot is used to symbolize travel. If you are about to take a trip or move to a new place, the knights tarot card may be present at your reading. The queen card is used to denote reality, and this card is also used to symbolize growth. This could be the growth of your job or anything else that is connected to your reality. Understanding the basic tarot cards will give you an idea of what they mean when they are presented to your during a reading. Tarot cards have been a popular form of fortune telling for thousands of years, and they are still popular today.


Tarot Cards—What Do The Cards Mean?

When it comes to the tarot cards there are 78 different cards in a deck. Each one of these cards has a different meaning. When you have a card tarot reading the cards that are pulled out of the deck will give insight into your personal situation. But, you want to have an idea of what each card tarot means before you go for a reading so you at least know a bit of what is going on. Keep in mind that there are three types of card tarot including the major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and the Court Cards.

tarot cards

A basic description of a tarot cards from each of the three categories will help you better understand what a card tarot is, and how it can tell you about your future.

The Magician is a Major Arcana tarot cards and it is probably the most recognizable of all the cards. It displays the infinity symbol, is red and white, displays a small sword and wand, as well as a pentacle. If anyone can recognize one card tarot the Magician is it. Basically, when this card tarot shows up in a reading it is there to tell the individual that they may experience a vision of their greatest desire.

An important thing to know about the minor Arcana tarot cards is that it may be either one of four suits. These suits are wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The wands represent fire which when it shows up during a card tarot meaning it means passion. Cups represent water and it is a card that reveals emotion. This may relate to one’s love life or else relate to extreme emotions. The swords represent air which means to the reader that there is something going on with words or thoughts. The card tarot Pentacles represents earth, which means anything having to do with the physical body, money, and luck.

The court cards also play a special role in a card tarot reading. The court cards consist of the pages, kings, knights, and queens. The page card tarot almost always represents children, but where children aren’t involved it may represent an alter ego. King card tarot represents the beginning and the end. When something is about to start or finish the king card tarot is sure to show up. The knights represent travel or movement. So any trips or moves will be show with the knight card tarot. The queen card tarot represents reality and development or growth. This may related to a career, romance, or anything else that might become your reality.

The basic explanation of some of the tarot cards will help you understand a little better what they mean and how they affect your reading. When you are having a card tarot reading it is nice to know some of the basic meanings of the cards so you have more faith in what the reading is telling you.


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Psychic Ability: Who Has It?

I find the topic of psychic ability to be a fascinating one. Many traditional cultures that believe in the forces of nature and have a system of Shamanism believe and utilize psychic abilities as part of their daily practices.

When you look at the definitions of what psychic is, or what being a psychic is, there is one common idea that runs through the definitions. That idea is that the person has super normal capacities way beyond what is believed to be within “normal” range of perceiving information. If one looks at psychic ability with a realistic view of the it, without the sensationalism associated with being psychic; it is a person who has a sensitivity to perception beyond the range of what the average person has or uses. This definition is quite within the realm of my reality and belief system.

We all have intuition, what some call a sixth sense. Have you ever had a little voice that said don’t cross the street yet and a car comes out of nowhere even though you had the light? Well, that is our sixth sense. Something out side of our selves warns us and we listen. Psychic ability is a developed sixth sense that can be fine-tuned to work when we want it to. We have culturally been trained to ignore the sixth sense as hog wash. Psychic ability is founded on the idea of heightening one’s sixth sense to the point where it is fully active, and where we fully trust its preciseness.

There are different types of psychic abilities. Some signs that one is using their psychic ability is with things like when the phone rings and you already know who it is. You know what someone is about to say before they say it. Your gut tells you something that turns out to be right. You get an unexplainable urge to do something or go somewhere and when you get there it was the right thing to do. You feel the presence of “something” outside of yourself guiding you. For better or worse you always feel a higher purpose to a situation that you are involved in. You have an inner voice that guides you. If these things occur to you on a daily basis those are indications of psychic ability. Too often because of the media we think we have to see a ghost coming through the ceiling or experience a horrible phenomena to be psychic.

Here are some basis characteristics when considering ones psychic ability and where they fall into. The first would be an intuitive. An intuitive is a person who receives information based on their intellectual capacity. They use their logic to come to conclusions or to give out information that is correct. A psychic person has abilities like ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). This kind of psychic ability tunes into energy out side of the person’s own body to receive information. A Medium has both the intuitive and psychic perception developed and utilizes both.

In addition to intuitive and psychic ability a medium also can tune into other realms to receive knowledge. The most common form of mediums we see today are those that communicate with the dead. To a medium the dead live in another world that the average person cannot see but they have some access to through their ability to connect with.