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Increase Your Psychic Powers With These 3 Techniques

Enhanced psychic powers can give you an incredible advantage in life. It enhances the quality of choices you make. It gives you an edge in knowing the truth of who a person is or what they are doing. It also gives you power to communicate and influence the mind of others.

Increase Your Psychic Powers

It also allows you to know and see more than the average person. For all these reasons you can never go wrong when it comes to developing your psychic powers.

The more mental techniques a person practices the stronger and more powerful their psychic abilities become. While there are many different mental techniques which can enhance your psychic powers; at the base of them all are three main keys which must be developed. If you can practice and master these mental techniques your psychic abilities will continue to grow at an astounding rate.


Here are The 3 Psychic Power Techniques

Enhanced Psychic Perception

Have you ever played the, what if game…? You do that by pretending to be something else. Using the imagination you envision yourself as something completely different than yourself. For example you may imagine yourself living as a completely different person, looking like and experiencing all that other person has.

You can also imagine yourself as a child, a bird, a house or anything you choose. Doing this broadens your perception and gives you an understanding from an angle that is not your everyday perspective.

You will find that when you open your awareness to a different perception you mind stretches not only in understanding but what is possible. The psychic mind depends on this higher, wider awareness. That is what psychic powers is all about, being aware of the extraordinary.

This shifting of perspective will also help enhance your interpretation of psychic impressions when they come to you. You see if your perspective is a limited one based only on your day to day experiences, when psychic information comes you won’t be able to fully comprehend it. Practicing a shift of perspective also helps you in receiving higher, more creative and magical ideas.

Sensing Energy 

Your ability to sense energy depends on fine tuning your senses to finer energies. Energy is at the heart of receiving psychic impressions. When you pick up thoughts from others you are attuning yourself to thought energy. Being able to use your mind to receive information on an event that is happening in another place requires that you are able to feel and sense those energy frequencies as well.

Here is one technique to help you in enhancing your ability to sense psychic energy. Allow yourself to get into a quiet undisturbed space for 20 minutes. Close your eyes, then go as deeply into your mind as you can. Get as centered as possible by quieting all the mental chatter.

After you have relaxed your mind start with your hearing; listen to every sound in the room. Then shift your hearing to outside of the room as far as you can pick up on sound. See if you can hear sound five blocks away. Now bring your attention back to yourself, bring your mind back into your body. Can you hear any sound inside of your body?

Incorporate your imagination strongly into this technique. Imagine that you do have supersonic ears which can pick up on every single sound. You may imagine your ears being bigger or becoming some high powered sensitive instrument which can pick up sound far away. Next enhance the perception of sound at a distance by amplifying it as if it is very near to you.

Mental Concentration 

Another technique which will surely enhance your psychic powers is your ability to concentrate the mind on a single point. For several reasons mental concentration is very important. Sensing energy requires that you hold your mind in a clear receiving state long enough to feel the energy.
When you transfer thought impression through mental telepathy your mind also needs to be a single targeted point. Also being able to see visions require that you hold your mind in a clear receptive state to see with your psychic eyes what is happening. To do that you absolutely need to concentrate until the image unfolds before you.

Here is one way to practice strong mental concentration. Grab an item in your surroundings which is of interest to you. Using your imagination pretend that this item is the only thing in your line of vision. Bring all of your focus to it. Look at the details of this item. Look at its shape, size, texture, color. Amplify your awareness of each and every feature.

Then rotate the item in your mind and see if you can find any other features that you did not notice before. Now think about the function of this item. How is it used, when is it used and how?

Now close your eyes and try to recreate this item in your mind with as much clarity as you can. As you bring all the details to your mind make the image grow brighter and brighter. You have now created strong mental focus with this item. You can practice this mental technique for increased psychic powers at least 5 times throughout the day, taking no more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

Developing your psychic powers takes mental training. The more you practice exercising the mind the stronger your mental powers will get. Make these exercises fun, do them at short intervals throughout your day. You will discover that your ability will grow more quickly this way.


Analysis of a Dream – How to Decode Your Dreams

Dream analysis can be a bit intimidating for many people. Because dreams seem to come in fragments they may seem not to make any sense at all to your rational thinking mind. However dream analysis is sort of easy. It’s a lot like decoding a game or fitting pieces of a puzzle together. The more you practice analyzing your own personal dream symbols the better you get at doing it.

The idea in analyzing your dreams is to keep in mind that no one else can analyze your dreams for you. Your dreams are a personal reflection of what is going on within you. Whether you believe that your dreams come from a creation of your mind or you believe as some mystics do that dream are an extension of reality they are yours.

A great number of people rely on dream books to assist them in understanding their dreams. However there is a huge flaw in using someone else’s idea to interpret something that is personal to you. A dream book cannot speak for everyone in general.

Two separate people may experience a bird flying towards them in a dream. To one person that bird may symbolize freedom, a change in their life or a sign to take off and fly away from a particular problem. However to the second person the bird may symbolize an attack, an inner fear of movement.

Here are a few keys you should always put in your dream analysis tool kit.

  • Your dream symbols are closely linked to how you feel. So your feelings in relation to the dreams are extremely important in your interpretation. If you see yourself flying in a dream ask yourself how you felt in the dream. Did you feel free or scared? When you are not asleep what does flying make you feel? You will realize that in or out of the dream your feelings are usually the same?
  • Was the dream in color or black and white? A colored dream would represent a situation in which you have a lot of awareness. If there is an issue that you are strongly dealing with on a daily basis it would mean that you have invested a great deal of energy to that story. When you dream about that issue you will find that those dreams are very bright. However when the dream is dark and without color it is often a precognitive dream or a situation now happening that you have not given your full awareness too s.
  • A bad dream is any dream which causes you distress, fear & worry. It is the inner mind telling you that there is something going on in your life which you absolutely must deal with. Whatever you do you should never ignore a bad dream. The issue could be dealing with your health, your relationships, your finance, etc. The level of fear you experienced in the dream is an indication of the effect the situation will have on you if you don’t immediately fix it. Your desire for the right dream analysis should always come with some action.
  • To fully benefit from dream analysis you have to be willing to incorporate the information you have gotten into your present life. After all whatever information you derive from your dreams it is to enhance or inform your present life. One thing you want to do is to create a dream journal. Dream journals help you in that over a series of days, weeks or even months you can get to see patterns in not only your dreams but the correlation with events in your life. Write out what you dreamed after you have gotten a clear analysis of the dream. You may even want to draw what you dreamed. Some analysis of your dreams can’t always be expressed in writing. Drawing it out can often give you a better understanding over all.
  • Go inside of your dreams and relive or re-experience them all over again. Doing that will help you in seeing more details that you may have previously overlooked. Not only that but you will find that the analysis of your dreams will become even deeper and far more insightful following this technique.


Sunday, 6 May 2018

Understanding The Idea Of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth is based on one’s enlightenment and development of understanding within a particular practice based on ones spirituality. There are many forms of spirituality and beliefs. When we develop spiritual growth we find our selves integrating and applying our spirituality on a higher level in our daily lives.

A good analogy to illustrate the idea of spiritual growth is a lit lamp. If we view our body as a lamp the more awareness and consciousness we experience the brighter our light becomes as a lamp. The brightness we emit sheds light so we can see our selves and our surroundings more clearly. We may see things in the light we never saw before or understand them differently. This is spiritual growth. The brightness we give off also may enable us to see into other levels of existence and consciousness. This is also part of spiritual growth.

Some ideas of spiritual growth overlap with religious practice. Other ideas of spiritual growth may be more metaphysical in origin. The primary idea that weaves through all the different forms of spirituality and spiritual growth is the belief of loosing ones personal focus of self and I, and focusing on a larger sense of creation and being in harmony with things larger than ourselves.

Some people call spiritual growth tuning into “God” or a Supreme Being or Creator and going by the guidelines that it manifests. When one is in harmony spiritually with that idea that there is something outside of ourselves that can make us enlightened when we seek to understand our relationship to it, we experience spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth does not have to be founded in the association of a particular religious view of what god is. It can be more universal than the confines of a particular religion. You may be of a particular religion that encompasses spiritual growth as well, but you don’t have to be necessarily to experience spiritual growth.

You can still grow spiritually without practicing a particular religion. All religions claim if you follow their teachings you will grow spiritually and receive the benefits of that faith. This is fine but there are people who don’t believe in an organized faith or believe in more than one organized faith and still experience spiritual growth.

The main thing to consider for spiritual growth is good character regardless of ones belief. Are you kind, giving, sensitive, understanding and helpful to others in the world. Or, are you selfish, only interested in your self-gains, and narrow minded not allowing for others to live in harmony in the world as well. If you are the second type of person then it may be safe to say you probably won’t experience too much spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is synonymous with other terms like spiritual development, development of higher awareness or development of higher consciousness.


Spiritual Meditation

Originally spiritual mediation was an aspect of religious practice often giving enlightenment to the practitioner. It has come to the Western Hemisphere by way of the Far East mainly India, China and Japan. Spiritual Meditation can be found however throughout the world in various cultures as part of their practices as well. Although the origins of spiritual meditation are religious many people practice it for the health benefits it has.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation quiets the mind, emotions and the body. It connects us with a divine source within and outside of ourselves. It is a space of solitude that removes us from all activities and expands ones mind into a larger source. When one becomes more experienced at spiritual meditation one looses all sense of time and space, almost becoming one with the universe.

Some forms of spiritual mediation are taught by a master. One attends classes to learn the proper breathing and focusing techniques. One of the five principles of Yoga is meditation. It is one of the spiritual fundamentals in Yoga. The first thing that is taught in spiritual mediation is the idea of concentration. One has to learn how to concentrate in order to turn off the endless stream of thoughts that bombard us and concentrate on the moment at hand only.

There are different ways to channel focus. One such technique that yoga beginners learn is what is called Bodyscan meditation. In this spiritual meditation exercise we scan every part of our body with our whole being. Every time our mind strays we are re-focused on the body part we are supposed to be concentrating on giving it full attention. With this technique we learn to feel all the bodies sensations as we take our body journey. Another spiritual mediation exercise is steering ones breath through ones body.

With this exercise in addition to focusing on your breathing you also focus on various body parts as well. All instructional levels of people who meditate do this type of spiritual mediation exercise. You should be under a supervised practitioner if you do not know how to breathe properly or are just learning. Once you master these two types of exercises you can advance to true spiritual meditation in Yoga. One such form is called flame meditation. In this type of spiritual meditation a candle flame is used as the focus point.

This type of mediation is done in a dark environment with the candle flame 25 to 30 centimeters from ones face. Every time your mind wanders you focus back to the candle without judgment. A session can last from 5 to 45 minutes. When you extinguish the flame you can visualize the flame inside of your eyelids. This helps keep negative vibrations at bay.

One last form of spiritual meditation I will touch on is Mantra meditation. You can use any sound, word or sentence in repetitions, without focusing on anything but the sound. This is the most popular type of meditation for beginners.

More advanced forms of spiritual meditation involve certain poses, and levels of consciousness to achieve a level of supreme bliss called Nirvana. Mandala’s which are symbols representing the Cosmos whose center is an energy source is used as a power generator visually for spiritual meditation. There are different Mandala’s for different things.

Most practitioners of some form of meditation all feel the health benefits from regular meditation practice. Everyone who finishes a session of meditation says they feel more relaxed and peaceful throughout their whole body and psyche. It calms them down and takes them away from the daily stresses that they have to face. It even makes one approach the stresses in a calmer fashion. But that comes with practice.


Spiritual Guide: Our Guardian Angels

Is a term that is used in Western spiritualist belief systems to describe a spiritual entity out side of the body that acts as a protector or counselor to a living being. In non-western traditional spiritually orientated societies, it is quite natural to interact with spiritual bodies that reside outside of a human being.

Western psychics and mediums believe that a spirit guide is a person who has lived many times and has paid their karmic debts. Their souls have gotten to the point where they do not need to reincarnate any further. In addition it is viewed, as well, that a guardian angel (which non-western belief systems also have), is one of these karmically evolved spirits that is given a living being to watch over. This applies to other planets and universes as well. Many psychics believe that it is god and us together who choose these entities to watch over us before we come to earth.

In Gnostic religious faiths through out the world it is believed that you and your guide pre plan your life before coming here, on the other side (another dimension we can not see but where our spirits go before birth and after death) as we call it. It is said before the spirit becomes a guide it has to have had one earthly life prior so it can understand human trials and tribulations. Spirit guides can look many ways. They can look like people we culturally associate with or ones we have no connection with what so ever.

There are many techniques to contact one’s spirit guide. The most common is visualization. In addition to visualization people meditate, go in to a trance state, astral travel or lucid dream in order to contact their spirit guide.

There may be times when we may be in danger. It is in these cases our spirit guides may make their presence known to us to guide us away from the danger. Other than an emergency spirit guide many only talk to you when you ask for assistance. They will serve you but not step in without you asking first.

Spiritually the more we become developed and able to raise our frequency by tuning into other realms, the more our spirit guide aligns themselves with us. There are lower spirits in lower frequencies but they are not spiritual guides, they are non-evolved spiritual entities. They are best ignored and eventually they disappear if you don’t tune into their energy at all.

The purpose of the spirit guide is to assist with your souls development of enlightenment. Therefore, if you ask your Spirit Guide to help you with something that they don’t think is in your best interest they may question you as to why you want to do it and explain that it may not benefit you on your life path. Once you say you want help anyway they will help you if that is what you really want. Their love is said to be unconditional, for better or worse.


Pyschic Detective: To Believe Or Not To Believe

A psychic detective either is a law enforcer or works with a law enforcement agency using their psychic abilities to solve crimes. Most of the times psychic detectives use post cognition, which is the ability to see the past, psychometry which is using an object or going to a place to conduct a reading based on the vibrations of the object or place and telepathy to solve crimes. Psychic Detectives are used quite frequently in abduction and murder cases.

psychic detective

One psychic detective I found on line offers here services for free. Her name is Eileen. She says if you have a missing person, abduction or murder case feel free to contact her and she will help you. She can be emailed at She also requests any pictures, newspaper articles or details of the disappearance that you can give are helpful. I am impressed because she wants NO MONEY. She also will give a free mini reading with a response back in 24 to 48 hours.

Many law enforcement agencies as well as the public are skeptics when it comes to the idea of psychic detectives. But it is known that when all else fails a law enforcement agency may turn to a psychic detective on occasion. They will not however put it on the record, as official that a psychic detective was used to solve a crime.

Many psychics are ignored when they give their sixth sense warnings. Jean Dixon was totally ignored when she tried to warn the white house of the Kennedy assassination. As you know he was assassinated, obviously they didn’t take her prediction seriously or didn’t care either way because he was indeed assassinated.

Another psychic Chris Robinson reports he fore saw a murder and was ignored when he called the mother of the victim to warn her. The mother ignored his call and the person was killed.

Unfortunately if one cannot offer a scientific explanation or concrete evidence then many times psychics are ignored for having no grounds for what they see in the psychic realm. One psychic that has some credibility is Allison Dubois. She is a consultant/medium psychic. In fact the NBC show medium is about her and her psychic work. The show claims off the camera that Ms Dubois has consulted with various law enforcement agencies on several murders and missing persons cases. The agencies include Glendale Arizona Police Department, Texas Rangers and County Attorney’s Office of the Homicide Bureau. The Arizona Police Department and Texas Rangers deny working with her but not the Attorney’s Office of the Homicide Bureau.

Psychics are not viewed in our society as having credibility to begin with so any work they do will be met with skepticism. I think when it comes to the idea of Psychism not a lot of people open to the idea to begin with. With this sentiment even if a psychic detective is correct they will not be acknowledged. To acknowledge a psychic would discredit ideas of what reality is for a lot of people. I don’t think a lot of people are ready for that.