Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Three M’s of Spirit: A Path to Spiritual Freedom

I have found that sometimes, religion can be way too absolutist. It’s one of the major reasons I’m not much involved in organized practices anymore. Don’t get me wrong–I haven’t slammed the door completely. I’m still a progressive New Thought minister, after all.

Still, there has to be a better way, a more gentle and compelling way to meet and relate to the cosmos and it’s Creative Source.*

Perhaps if we dump the Ultimate Truth idea, the doctrines that say they KNOW, and subscribe to the idea that we DON’T really know much of anything, we can make a little headway.

With that, I offer you the Three M’s of Spirit:

  • Mystery: That which can be defined is limited by its definition. Mystery, then, is not a definition, but the lack of one. Spirit remains mysterious, yet can be experienced. A spiritually progressive approach embraces the Mystery and allows it to reveal what it reveals. No judgment, no harshness. “The most powerful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt with awe, is as good as dead.” Albert Einstein
  • Morality: There is no inherent morality in the world. We create it. The simplest, yet the most profound reality is, simply, do no harm, help where you can. As St. Augustine wrote, “Decide to love and do as you like.”
  • Manifestation: All is energy; we create through affirmative prayer (rather than from a sense of ‘unworthy sinner’ status), through meditation, through connection, through choice and commitment, through word, through thought, and especially through gratitude. Plato wrote, “A grateful mind is a great mind, which eventually attracts to itself great things.”

The spiritually progressive principles are simple. And they can change your life, if you so desire.However, if you wish or choose to remain within the bondage of organized religion, strict adherence to Scripture or catechism, authorities other than yourself, you’re always free to do so. Which, in itself, sounds like an oxymoron: Free to be in bondage.

No matter your choice, much love and blessings to you on this journey.

“Consider the duck. It encounters the air, water, and soil. It benefits from each, is hindered by none, harms nothing. They are cute, too. Be a duck.” (Old Slovakian saying)

*My more scientific leaning friends are often baffled by the concept of ‘Something arising from nothing,’ a theory put forth by experts such as Stephen Hawking. The theory states that it’s quite feasible that everything in the cosmos simply emerged from nothing. Where did it emerge? Nowhere. Into what did it emerge? No space. No time. Emergence brought all that with it.

Now I’ve read the Creation Story in Genesis. Not very scientific. Unbelievable, actually. But it makes as much sense as the Random Emergence theory.

Just my opinion, of course.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/the-three-ms-of-spirit-a-path-to-spiritual-freedom/

Sunday, 10 September 2017

State of Inner Peace

“We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Our inherent spiritual state of being is love, joy and peace, all in balance. This is a causeless state, meaning there is no outside influence for the condition. Anything outside of our Self is either an addition, a subtraction or an irritant to those three main states.

Fear is not an attribute of the spirit. It has been said that fear and all that comes with it are manifestations and experiences within our physical existence. By dancing with fear and ego and feeling the overwhelming pains and discovering the spiritual disassociation linked to them, we eventually begin our journey back to our original state.

How does one know that they are closer to these main states or in balance? You will just know. It will vary as your individual spirit is beautiful and unique.

Perhaps, it could be that your evolution may unfold in a way where you begin to experience moments of balance that will stop you in your tracks to allow you to quietly observe them. As you shift higher in consciousness, you will be releasing any and all disharmonious energies. As you face yourself and honor your truth, you will feel your soul’s joy flow within you.

As you release attachments, forgive and love yourself, life becomes an effortless pace. Life is indeed more peaceful and calm. And, as you become to realize your connection to everything, your oneness to all, love floods the spiritual body.

Your path to enlightenment is merely the art of accessing your inner wisdom, that perpetual guide that was always attached to Divine Truth and Creation. You will begin to listen more closely. As you learn to do things to only benefit the magnificence of your soul, you will feel the balance consistently and completely.

The goal of this journey is to discover your spiritual truth while walking in a human body. Your truth is love, joy and peace in spirit. It takes time to fully get there. It takes diligence. It takes purpose.

It is rewarding.

When you feel your true peace in your soul it will be remarkable. You will take a deep breath from below the sacral to the crown chakras and feel nothing but ease.

No more questions.
No more discord.
No more struggle.
Reach for this state. It is your spiritual birthright.

Live in Awareness. Live In-Spirit. Live IN-Love. This is the Divine Life.


source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/state-of-inner-peace/

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Aromatherapy for Stress, Sleep, Dry Skin, Asthma and More

Aromatherapy is fast becoming popular in the western world. If you are familiar with it, then it wouldn’t surprise you that many people are now very enthusiastic about aromatherapy. Spas and massage parlours everywhere offer aromatherapy for people to enjoy the amazing benefits. You can readily buy all the supplies that you need in any leading spas or health food stores in your vicinity, if you have a participant to give a massage to or have some-one who can massage you.

Aromatherapy is not just meant for relaxation. Believe it or not, several studies show that aromatherapy can serve as an aid for different kinds of ailments. It is considered a healing therapy that helps to lessen body discomfort with the use of oils and aromas. Are you ready to start your very own aromatherapy session? First, here are the benefits that you may receive from the massage.

1. Aromatherapy will improve your mood.

One essential oil that is used in aromatherapy is rosemary. So many studies have shown that rosemary helps in boosting one’s mood and it provides a feeling of contentment. In addition, it also regulates the production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

2. Aromatherapy may induce good sleep.

Trouble sleeping? Then aromatherapy can be the answer to your sleeping problem. No need to toss and turn on your bed or pop sleeping pills to get a decent sleep. Aromatherapy can help you with this. Essential oils used in aromatherapy will help stimulate your brain, specifically your limbic system. In effect, it will relax your nerves and your entire body making you feel refreshed and also relaxed and calm at the same time. Later you will be ready for a good night of restful sleep.

3. Aromatherapy will improve your skin.

Aromatherapy aids several skin conditions. Use Jojoba oil as it is the nearest thing to natural sebum, found naturally in our skin. If you have dry skin, say goodbye to your flaky complexion by using essential aromatherapy oils. Aromatherapy can help you maintain a moist and youthful skin. Other serious skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema may be aided too.

4. Aromatherapy may help relieve asthma.

Suffering from chronic wheezing and consistent coughing due to asthma? Worry no more because aromatherapy can free your lungs from discomfort and irritation. When massaged by a professional therapist, aromatherapy can aid your asthma with the use of ginger and peppermint essential oils which are known to be decongestant oils. These oils, are diluted in to carrier oils, are also considered anti-histamines.

5. Aromatherapy may lessen PMS symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrome is a condition that most women suffer from sometime during their life. Due to the symptoms brought about by PMS, some women go through physical and emotional problems. If you are among these women who are having a hard time during their monthly period, aromatherapy could be the solution to your problem. The relaxation that one may get through aromatherapy can help lessen PMS symptoms such as mood swings, depression, and irritability.

Aromatherapy may serve as a gentle alternative in healing сеrtаin conditions. Why pollute your body with countless pills that contain harmful chemicals if you can enjoy better alternatives such as aromatherapy?

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/aromatherapy-for-stress-sleep-dry-skin-asthma-and-more/

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

The origin of aromatherapy goes back thousands of years in time, but it is only in recent times that it has been recognizes as an essential ingredient of holistic well-being. Aromatherapy uses oils to promote physical and emotional health. Aromatherapy oils combine the mind, body and spirit to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Aromatherapy oils reinstate the belief that nature has the best storehouse of tools for a healthy living. Aromatherapy oils can heal the body by strengthening it and giving the body the nutrients to replenish the immune system that help combat disease, relieve stress and regenerate the system.

Aromatherapy oils can help greatly in case someone is facing emotional issues. The proper use of aromatherapy oils calms the person and enhances its emotional outlook towards the world. Aromatherapy oils help you relax, balances your emotions, give you an energy boost. Aromatherapy oils work on the principle of treating the real cause of illness rather than the symptoms. With aromatherapy oils bring back in your life health and vitality. You not only feel good, you look good!

Aromatherapy is almost inevitably linked with essential oils. Essential oils are absorbed through smell and skin and enter into your blood stream. Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from different part of the plant. It can be flowers, leaves, twigs, bark etc. each aromatherapy essential oils have its own healing effect. They are used either in combination or alone to produce the desired effect on the person. For aromatherapy, it is important to understand the effect of the oil and how they work.

Aromatherapy essential oils can be inhaled. When they are inhaled, the impulse it produces is transferred to the emotional centre of the brain. This has a direct effect on the memory, breathing, blood circulation, hormone levels of the body. Aromatherapy essential oils can also be used in massage. They penetrate through skin, enter the blood stream and produce the desired effect.

Essential oils are not used in their pure form but diluted to produce the desired effect. Carrier oils in aromatherapy are used to dilute essential oils before they can be used. Different carrier oils have different benefit; therefore, they are carefully chosen to get the desired therapeutic benefit. Olive oil, peanut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil are few examples of carrier oils. At times, a plant does not have essential oil in it, which makes it impossible for them to be used for aromatherapy purposes. In such a situation, they are infused with carrier oils to produce infused oils. Infused oils in aromatherapy have the therapeutic attributes of both the herbs and the carrier oil.

Not all oils produce the same effect for everyone. Therefore, it is important to choose the aromatherapy oils carefully. Do not pursue the use of the oil that irritates you, produces negative feelings or whose aroma you don’t like. Aromatherapy essential oils can widely help people in taking personal responsibility of their health and living a more balanced life.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/aromatherapy-essential-oils-and-carrier-oils/

Monday, 28 August 2017

Spiritual Perspective on Modern Female Singlehood

There is nothing more irritating than being preached at by ‘experts’ who have it all good in their own lives. So, I will talk from direct experience: Having survived singlehood in a country that judges and fears female singlehood so much that the social exclusion, prejudice and stigma become a much bigger problem than the actual singlehood itself, I have grown to see the dangers, but also the rewards of being without a relationship for long periods of time. My perspective is entirely spiritual, as I have found that this is the only approach that works, but also perhaps one of the strongest reasons behind singlehood.

This does not mean the God wants women to suffer through aloneness, nor that partnered women are missing out on the spiritual path. It depends on how well one has mastered singlehood in previous lives. It depends on one’s spiritual karma: Just as we carry karma in our human relationships, we carry karma with our relationship with Father God and Mother Goddess. If we neglected or betrayed this relationship before, it may take an extra amount of commitment in this life to set it right. And very often, the spiritual path requires a great amount of introspection, autonomy and devotion that are not compatible with a close partnership. Sometimes it requires the testing of complete dependence on Spirit, especially when single women often have to deal with many practical issues around survival as well.

Although modern female singlehood encompasses enormous potential for spiritual growth, this is a subject that brings misery to hundreds of millions of women around the world, especially in cultures where conditions for single women are far harder than in open-minded Northern European, Northern American societies. This is also a much neglected topic: there is a surprisingly small amount of books written on the subject and the media hardly bother. Once again, women’s needs are put last.

It’s important to realize the pressure under which so many women are finding themselves. Not just in traditional societies like mine, where a woman’s sole reason of existence is often considered to be marriage and motherhood, but in modern age obsessions about finding/attracting a soulmate, often through misleading manifestation techniques, which miss the whole point. Unless we understand the spiritual reason behind singlehood, what our soul is trying to achieve, we are wasting a massive opportunity for self growth and spiritual development. In fact, the entire planet does, as humanity so badly needs whole, strong women who bring with them some of the energy of the Mother Goddess wherever they go.

Singlehood is the Mother Goddess’s calling for introspection and healing work. This is partly the reason non-evolved women fear the female spiritual worker, especially if the latter is unattached: It is not just fear of stealing their partner (however unfounded it is), it is not just the fear of singlehood being ‘infectious’. It is also the fear of the memory of the Mother Goddess, whom all humans, in different ways and times, have betrayed and abandoned. The more of us dare the independence path, the spiritual growth path, the healing path, the more we find companions we can relate to as equals.

In societies where women are kept stuck in powerlessness, it is interesting to see how single, independent women get excluded, exacerbating an already present fear of loneliness, creating more urgency about getting and keeping a partner. The more disempowered women are, the more spiritually unaware they are, they more likely they are to let the opportunities of singlehood go unrecognized and instead, try to ‘get’ a partner at whatever cost (f.e. an abusive man). What a waste! If only these women were educated, encouraged and helped by other women, they wouldn’t be so afraid of aloneness. There is a real lack of mutual bonding and support here, that even the New Age teachings -being too obsessed with ‘attracting the soulmate’- have often failed to address. If we are to help bring more of the Mother Goddess energy to Earth though, it is imperative that we connect and support other women- including the single ones.

It is very interesting to see how women’s attitudes to partnership have changed during the economic crisis here in Greece. Over the past decade, the number of available men has significantly reduced, as many have died due to the crisis, hundreds of thousands have migrated and a significant part of the male population has been married to foreign women. The number of available men is therefore widely imbalanced and women seem to go into two different directions: Those who react with panic and do anything and everything to find a partner to meet their needs (including survival needs). And those who bravely keep their dignity, accept what is meant to be and trust Spirit entirely to help them survive and create a meaningful and fulfilling life. The former, if they succeed, become recognized, acceptable members of society.

If they don’t succeed, they struggle on the borderline between overcoming the loss and resigning to bitterness, cynicism and depression. I see many women struggling like that. The latter, open the way, open the path, a very important one, but a very difficult one. In some societies, single women are completely alienated, seen almost as the enemy. In some others, they are far more accepted. It is important for all women to understand that as life becomes more and more changeable, almost everywhere on Earth, they too may be called to tread this path: to prepare for it, not to fear it and to remember that they too will be treated as they treat other single women now…

If you find yourself in long term singlehood, it is very important to interpret it wisely. It is not a punishment. It is not a failure. It is not a threat. In many cultures, where there is intense competition over finding a husband, singlehood is often seen as the woman’s (of her family’s) failure to ‘get’ one. Maybe she was too demanding. Maybe she was too fussy. Maybe she was just not clever enough or quick enough or didn’t say the right words (some of the ‘how to get a partner’ handbooks around are shockingly blatant about teaching psychological manipulation techniques). You don’t need that. There is a higher spiritual reason for everything, including this. Try to find what it is trying to teach you or develop in you.

Try to avoid all kinds of comparisons with other women. Each and everyone’s path is different and a time of solitary reflection and introspection is necessary for all. Maybe you have chosen yours sooner than others. See what you can do with it. If motherhood is also a loss, don’t forget that there are millions of abandoned children in the world today, who long to be mothered. It is the energy of motherly nurturing that we crave, but it got distorted into yet another obsession about perpetrating our own genes at whatever cost. It need not be. Motherly energy is desperately needed in our world and maybe this is partly the reason why so many women are liberated from marriage commitments.

Remember also that the main challenges of our times are of spiritual nature and with spiritual awareness should they be seen: as energies degenerate more and more, relationships, become an arena of some of the greatest pain and staleness. So, again, don’t compare. Accept that maybe, for now, you are exactly as you should be. Socialize, do what you can to meet a partner if you want one, but don’t get stressed or mad about it. Don’t obsess on it. Don’t buy into the media brainwashing that without sex you will somehow become handicapped. Don’t even believe those therapy gurus who tell you that not manifesting a partner means that you are not really ready for one. No. There may simply be other things for you to do.

The energies of sex addiction and codependency are so widespread that they now correspond to more than sheer thoughtforms. Put the highest psychic protection around yourself and avoid being dragged down by other people’s fears and criticisms. In fact, try to avoid all negative talk about the lack of suitable partners and the like. Such talk links you to the collective womanhood’s fear of lack coming down from countless generations. It will take time and effort for this mass thoughtform to shift, so for now, avoid linking to it, as well as several other energies attached to it. Support scared women whenever you can, but avoid getting dragged into the lack-fear-pity scenario.

Devote yourself to your spiritual practice as much as you can: it is the best means to get you stronger and happier. Our relationship to Spirit is in some ways analogous to our relationship to a beloved person: the more time and attention and dedication we give, the more the relationship grows. Spirit’s Love is always unconditional of course, but our conscious relationship grows. Spiritual practice relieves the aching existential question: ‘Who am I? What have I come here to do?’ For centuries, we have been taught that we are here to walk by the side of a man and to fulfill our duty by giving birth and raising children. For those of us who have chosen not to follow the easy path of a compromising marriage, we have to answer the relentless existential question ‘why am I here’ amidst the hostility of a culture that sees no place for single women… Only the spiritual life can effectively answer this.

A lack of partnership allows plenty of free time, so, again, use this time for spiritual development. It is the best investment in you, an investment that is long lasting, effective, well beyond the boundaries of short-lived relationships, well beyond this life actually. Whenever you can, use this time to develop like-minded, loyal friendships. A large network of friends can partly overcome the need for that one perfect partner, while making the risk of a detrimental abandonment smaller. However, in cultures where single women are socially excluded, finding such friendships becomes very tricky indeed, resulting in double isolation. I have found that the best way to deal with double isolation is a double commitment to Spirit.

Once again, Spirit is the source of support, stability, inspiration, strength and comfort. Also, take the social exclusion as a compliment. Remember that pioneering individuals were never ‘mainstream’ or popular. See yourself as a pioneering woman, who refuses to settle down for less and allows more time and space in her life to do the work of the Mother Goddess- which is far beyond the ‘being a good wife and mother’ confining stereotype.

I understand this is not always easy. In my culture, single women have traditionally been seen as a misfortune of nature to be pitied, a menacing threat to be feared, an anomaly of ‘female rebelliousness’ (to be punished through exclusion), a convenient help to other ‘proper’ families (to be used). A strong, intelligent, successful, capable, independent, beautiful AND content single woman is a very threatening concept for many men also. They may try to woo her (even if they are attached, assuming that she would be desperate for anyone), but they get angry if she is not interested: What would happen if women stopped needing men, not just financially, but emotionally and spiritually too?

What would happen if relationships were about mutual co-creation rather than compulsion driven by fear? Such attitudes, although no longer vocal, are still subtly persistent and hard to wipe out. I have heard the stories of so many women, who, when they suddenly found themselves single, were immediately and totally cut out from all former female ‘friends’. Exactly when in greatest need of support and comfort, these women (and I have been one of them at some point) were completely rejected. The way men have treated us dims compared to the way we have sometimes treated each other- and this has to change.

The societal condemnation of female singlehood not only puts huge pressure to stay in abusive relationships, but also has deeply conservative repercussions in people’s attitudes and behaviors. It makes women go ruthless over acquiring a man, even to the point of using very unethical (and karmic) energy manipulations to get him. It would be a shock, if we were to discover the extent of the use of black magic for example, especially by women, in order to capture the targeted man (and possibly also ‘annihilate’ any female competitors).

Lack of available men, millennia of disempowerment, separation from the Light and the Mother Goddess, fear about survival, cruelty from other women, lack of opportunities for self growth and a whole hidden culture that goes quietly down from mother to daughter, means that in many places of the world, such dark work is still being practiced, including by those modern-minded ones, who declare they don’t believe in such silly things (yet try it nevertheless just in case… ). In some places, it is so widespread, almost a second hidden tradition of ‘marriage’ customs. Such work is disastrous for users and those affected, as well as entire families. The woman, apart from marrying the man of her dreams, also marries the negative entities that did the work for her, and the massive disempowerment that this separation from the Light entails. It is indeed a vicious circle affecting millions of women for lifetimes to come. Women have to be helped to stop it.

Even nowadays, in my country, getting a daughter married is called ‘rehabilitation’ (!), so single women who have not been ‘rehabilitated’ are a grave cause of concern for their parents and families. There is another expression still used for the slightly older single woman: “She is left on the shelf” -like a commodity that no one cared to buy… I find it amazing that such abusive language is still used in the so-called Western world in the 21st century, but it shows the amount of female disempowerment still present. It shows how the so-called feminist movement failed to instill true inner power in women.

True inner power can only come through Spirit and in this case, the Mother Goddess (or any deity you envision as the Feminine expression of Light). It is a spiritual feminism that we need, if we are ever going to get away from the vicious cycle of objectification- disempowerment-competition- further objectification. Financial and professional empowerment is important, but not enough. I have seen some highly achieved female professionals behaving as weak, codependent, jealous teenagers around male partners not even half their worth. It is only through the Goddess energy that we can truly reclaim our true place on Earth and have our hearts filled with contentment at last.

Some practical points to give attention to, during times of singlehood, include first and foremost, taking care of the body. The fact that there is no partner to honor it does not mean that you neglect it. Femininity and beauty are energy emanations, not just appearances. They affect, not just the perfect man (who may or may not have the eyes to see it), but everyone, including nature. It is a gift to the world, and one that we better take good care of.

Volunteer for people in need- the group of your choice- and this will help your nurturing energy flow outwards. Choose the kind of activity that you feel joyful doing and it will automatically nurture you too. I remember many years ago, during a period of my life when I was young, immature and painfully single (as I kept comparing myself to others), an incident as a volunteer at a children’s hospital changed my views. Having done creative art with terminally ill children, I was so fulfilled with the experience that upon exiting the hospital, I literally felt like flying. Despite the challenge of the situation I was working on, giving this kind of nurturing really felt meaningful and worthwhile.

On my way out, very much still touched and transformed by the experience, a roofless limo drove by. A handsome young man on the driver’s seat and an attractive young woman next to him were arguing so loud and ugly, that their screams covered all street noise, a cacophony disturbing the beautiful space of caring we had built with the children and the Mother. Brainwashed by my culture to see well-off partnered women as queens and single women as pitiful, the labels instantly swapped. In that moment, I literally felt being the queen- and the limo woman was the one to be pitied. It was an eye-opening experience.

Engage in as many meaningful activities as you can. It may be hard work, but worthwhile in the end. You may have to try again and again, but in the end, you will keep the contacts and occupations that are fulfilling for you. Don’t take what you do for granted-appreciate it! Prejudiced people may even attempt to discount your efforts, as ‘a second-best attempt to fill your time having failed at the most important task -marriage’ (oh yes, we have heard that too). Don’t buy into it. Your contribution is valuable and there is a reason why you are where you are, doing what you do. The singular path of the Goddess is not a second-best! It is a unique stage of spiritual development, filled with its own riches and meanings, necessary for the evolution of our collective womanhood, of our humanity, of our planet. Priestesses of the ancient years were single too and it was a title of honor. Today, there are the modern priestesses too.

Let us not forget that female spiritual Masters also had long periods of aloneness. In this day and age, when romantic relationships and sex are almost deified, it is important to put things in perspective. Not necessarily go the other end, of repressed seclusion, but put things in perspective. Rather than an almost religious dependency upon a man, choose spiritual dependency upon Father-Mother God, our One and Only source. It is a time for true female empowerment, which, in its essence, is a necessary part to our spiritual progress.

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source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/spiritual-perspective-on-modern-female-singlehood/

Sunday, 27 August 2017

7 Tips for a Successful Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading is an open channel of energies between yourself and your psychic. Consequently, your attitude and approach to the reading is as important as the psychic reader’s intention.

1. Have a list of questions ready for your psychic reading. You can ask questions about all areas of your life. It helps to write them down so you don’t forget them during your reading. If there are some general areas you want to focus on, like relationship, career, health etc, make sure you let the psychic know.

2. Try not to ask Yes/No questions. These questions tend to limit the flow of the psychic reading in the same way they would limit the flow of any conversation. Make your questions specific but open-ended. This will encourage the psychic to give you more quality psychic guidance.

3. Ask the psychic how they connect with their psychic ability. Are they a clairvoyant ie. do they see images? Do they see past lives? Are they a medium with a channel to those who have passed. This will help you appreciate the way the psychic information flows and is being expressed.

4. Don’t try to test the psychic by withholding information as this is the best way to create the worst atmosphere in a psychic reading. Were you relaxed when you did exams? Perhaps being under pressure may have helped you work out exam problems more quickly, but in a psychic reading, it just makes the experience unnecessarily difficult and stressful for the psychic.

5. Be open to a different way of thinking about yourself and your problems. It is likely your psychic will be able to help you to create a totally different and empowering perspective about your problems and life. Don’t come to a psychic reading thinking you have it all figured out. Be open to change.

6. Validate your psychic. If the psychic is saying things that make a lot of sense to you, make sure you tell them. This helps the psychic continue down the right track. If you don’t understand something don’t be afraid to ask.

7. Enjoy your reading. A psychic reading is time to focus on YOU. Look at it as a kind of psychic healing session, helping you to let go of the old hurts and embrace new plans for the future.

When you follow these tips you will have a positive experience, bringing insight and knowledge to help you on your life journey.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/7-tips-for-a-successful-psychic-reading/

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Grace, the Gift of the Right Relationship With God

ONE of the profoundest word-gifts I’ve ever been given was when I was told to ‘enjoy the gift God has given you’.[1] Astoundingly simple, unfathomably deep. The gift.

As Christians, we do not make as much of the concept of grace as truly we should. That is because we cannot wrap our heads and hearts around it. There is too much theology to contain it. Grace is too much to contemplate. The gift is too gargantuan to comprehend. Grace is a gift that gives a spiritual reality of overwhelming eternal abundance.

But indeed, we’re blessed by studies like the one in present focus – that God’s positive work of redeeming humankind has not an iota of recrimination about it. Although we should rightly be condemned, and without Christ we were, our justification at the hand of Christ has now no longer anything to do with our criminality.

We are bequeathed the right relationship with our God, just as if God looks at us and sees Jesus – no spot nor wrinkle of sin, though we’re still spotted and wrinkled; no condemnation, though we know we still deserve it. How irrevocably good is this gift?

For the matter of putting Christ at the head of our lives, to live according to the faith of trust in Jesus, the right relationship with God is the decreed consequence. This is the good news. Not that we’re given easy lives nor are we promised joy at every turn, but, much more meaningful, that we’re ascribed worth as sons and daughters of God.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/grace-the-gift-of-the-right-relationship-with-god/

Thoughts on Saucha

“When many little people, in many little places, do many little things, then the whole world changes-but sometimes, not fast enough for me.” ~ Micheal Franti, Gloria

Recently I had two articles published at elephant on the exact same day, just a few hours apart. One was a simple green smoothie recipe and the other was a reflection on the documentary 5 Broken Cameras that included a short video that highlights how the film is currently being used as a catalyst in creating a movement toward peace and understanding between Palestinians and Israelis.

The first article was simply put together by relaying to the world-my daily breakfast. However, the second article, although not very lengthy, contained carefully chosen words, came from my heart and dealt with subject matter that in my opinion is deserving of our time, attention and above all else-our compassion.

Much to my dismay within the first 24 hours of publication there were several hundred of hits on the green smoothie recipe, yet the article about an experimental pathway towards peace did not even reach 75.

Since I was a child it has been my nature to transmute any feelings of dissatisfaction into something positive, usually via humor as a starting place. So I sent a simple text to my friend explaining my confusion in understanding why the green smoothing article seemed to resonate with people more so than the other article, which I personally viewed as more enlightening. Then, with a grin, I shot off another text joking that “Well, maybe people will be moved to higher states of consciousness after consuming green smoothies, and then they will be more interested in topics dealing with creating a more evolved and enlightened society.”

After sending that text, I realized my comment was much more than simple humor-it was the truth.

Because it is through purifying the body that we can alter our state of mind. When we cleanse our bodies we are allowing for the creation of an optimal foundation that enables us to embark on the spiritual work that leads us down the path of working towards peace between all people and honoring the oneness that unites all of us.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, this niyama, or observance, is referred to as saucha-cleanliness and purity at both the physical and also of the mind. When practicing saucha we aim to keep our bodies clean, maintain good hygiene and are mindful of the quality of food that we are consuming. We also keep our surrounding environment in check. We keep our car clean, our office clean and our home clean.

Once we have made saucha part of our daily life on the physical level we can also be mindful of observing saucha at the level of the mind. To do this we work to free ourselves disturbing emotions that can create disharmony. In addition, we avoid manipulation, hidden agendas and deceit in our relationships. Instead, we live dedicated to selfless service, generosity, compassion and empathy.

The world religions and spiritual paths all speak of the importance of the purification of the body that must take place prior to the greater work that involves the mind and higher levels of consciousness. This process of purification that serves to ritualistically prepare the seeker, is deeply symbolic and shows reverence for that which is sacred.

As we deepen our understanding and observance of saucha, we can be inspired to work toward a more pure body, pure mind and pure heart. With that, we can see the divine in all and honor the interconnectedness of all of humanity.

So let’s drink our green smoothies-the world is waiting for us to make a difference!

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/thoughts-on-saucha/

Thursday, 3 August 2017

I Am Afraid to Ask, Does Evil Exist?

Emerging from meditation today, I am engulfed with thoughts regarding false God’s. As I begin to write this article I know that I am about to embark on an area that to some of you will be controversial, yet I am compelled to explore where this writing will lead.

I was brought up in the Catholic Christian Religion and chose to raise my children in the same, but I did so with a twist. You see, as a young child I became a seeker and was never satisfied with what I was taught in the Catholic schools or during the homily at Mass. I have attended a wide variety of Christian religious ceremonies and have studied their various doctrines. The one doctrine which had me in bondage for many a year was the concept of False God’s and/or the existence of evil. The inner turmoil that I allowed this bondage to cause me was at times intense and extremely damaging.

As in most of my personal stories it was a battle between fear and love. I am going to attempt to walk you through my evolution to my current internal (eternal) place of peace. It would be impossible to include every grain of sand which has contributed to the return to my original oneness or knowingness of the peace of my creator. This is merely an attempt to demonstrate how far away from knowing the face of God fear had taken me.

My first exposure to meditation was my sophomore year at a Catholic High School. I was taking modern dance and the instructor guided us through meditation and centering techniques at the end of each class. I began to practice this in bed at night before I went to sleep. I loved it and wanted to know more. So I began my quest to seek out more information. I was warned by my community that I needed to stay within the confines of my religion if I was going to pursue meditation techniques.

These inquiries lead me to a book which I believe was titled “Christian Meditation”. The inner peace and gentle relaxation that I had experienced during my dance classes was quickly destroyed by how I interpreted that book. The book had diagrams and warnings about passing through and possibly getting stuck in a void where evil lurked. As I remember it, it was like an evil zone on my way to my center and if I wasn’t trained properly or if the meditation was not done correctly I could be lost. (This was my 15 year old mind’s interpretation). Well, you can see how that could stop any notion of letting go. I soon found it impossible to allow myself to relax into the meditation process. The great fear of the unknown had invaded that peaceful place and it was years before I was able to find it again.

Over the years I had an insatiable desire to find the truth about God. What religion was right, what was the right way to pray, what was the true doctrine, who had interrupted the bible correctly and finally could it be that other beliefs outside of the Christian faith had it right? These were all great questions which were leading me to my current knowing, but there was one question that stopped me in my tracks and seemed to derail my growth. That was the question, does evil reside in us?

This detour took me down a path of darkness and fear. I spent many years exploring what is evil, is it a false god, is it a power or energy and can it posses me? The best and most damaging of all, was the fear of how I could protect myself from being attacked possessed and owned by evil? Sorry kids, those were a few crazy years that had me breaking CDs, throwing away toys, monitoring music, TV and movies. It truly caused a bit of insanity on my part. You see I had believed that seed which was planted back in my sophomore year. “Evil was inside my inner sanctuary and it was to be avoided or you may get stuck there.” I am so very grateful that I am a seeker, because I have been able to find my way back to the main highway of light and love.

It is my current knowing and understanding that all evil and false gods live in the outer experience. Evil resides in the illusion that we are not one with God. The outer is a place where we humans have made up a grandiose story to explain all which we have no tangible answer for. Just as darkness is the void of light, fear is the void of love. I have come to know that my God, my peace, my love comes from within me. There IS a void (sanctuary) within my meditative state; this pristine void is where my source to love resides. Love diminishes all thoughts of fear and fear (evil) cannot exist where love resides.

Today my definition of a false god is: An imaginary creation to explain the unexplained, a diversion from the knowing of love, a separation from my source. Fear

Today my definition of evil is: The resistance to enter into the pristine inner sanctuary of love where my knowing, my source, my perfection exists in Love. Fear

My deepest thank you to my youngest son Gabriel, you were born with my same compulsion to explore. During your High School years, your quests to find your truth lead you down the path of Buddhism. Though you may not practice it now, please know that you were my teacher and my guide back to the practice of meditation.

I can already hear the shouts of injustice. Before everyone gets their undergarments in a knot, let me say. Yes I do know, see, hear and experience the so called evils of this world. Yes there are and have been world leaders who have projected great pain and suffering on to countless beings. I know of incest, child pornography, rape and murder. In my current knowing I see all of the persons who perpetrate these actions as grossly separated from their source.

Fear has engulfed them and their actions. I do not see it as evil prevails. I know it to be an illusion of separation, which at times is pretty graphic. When all of this world is said and done, and we return to the oneness and love of God, the illusion of evil will disappear. Until such time I will travel to the place within my center, I will go to my sanctuary to be reminded of who you and I truly are. We are perfection, we are complete, we are magnificence and we are Love.

I don’t only believe, I know that there is an omni-potent, omni-present, omni-knowing energy that I refer to as God. I have come to know that there is nothing that can amplify or detract from God. God is! So my knowing tells me that it can not be compared to anything not even an opposite. To do so would to deny God’s perfection. Nothing compares! When you try and take away God’s perfection you allow fear to enter. Nothing I or anyone can say or do can change the perfection of God. Not even a scary thing called evil.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/i-am-afraid-to-ask-does-evil-exist/

Thursday, 27 July 2017

God’s Use of and Delight in the Least of These

“Who would make good helpers, do you think? Clever ones? Rich ones? Strong, important ones? Some people might think so, but I’m sure by now you don’t need me to tell you they’d be wrong. Because the people God uses don’t have to know a lot of things, or have a lot of things – they just have to need him a lot.”

– Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible

NOT great things. Ordinary things, by definition. Banal things. Boring. Unattractive. These are the things of the Kingdom. They hold no attraction for those setting their sights on nobility. Those with lofty goals, who may not have read Jeremiah 45:1-5 recently.

I know that too often I am one of them. A person who covets too much to be used ‘greatly’. And each time I do I miss the sense of truth that God uses ordinary people like you and me every day, especially when we’re unsuspecting. We can be, and are, the least of these when we relinquish the chase.

To be used greatly is to shun the limelight. Where we place ourselves in positions where we’re easy to reject. And there are many of those situations. Actually, we cannot avoid them. We only have to have been a Christian for a little while to see how worldly Christians can be, notwithstanding the world that would diss us without a thought or care. Perhaps we’re more covetous than ever, but our humanity would suggest there’s nothing new under the sun.

God will use the rejected much more than he will use those who are favoured in this world. Think of situations where people might not reach out the hand of compassion. Their condemnation is in their own choice.

So far as the Kingdom is concerned, God uses greatly only those who are both destitute and those who serve the destitute. One is used as an instrument for sifting the righteous from the unrighteous. The other is used as the hands and feet of Jesus. Forget the glamour of ministry with a million likes and a church of hundreds or thousands, being an iconoclast leader. That desire will melt away as vanity before His glory in eternity, and be shown for what is was; the sinful nature emblazoned at the height of its pride.

One thing the destitute and those who serve the destitute have in common: they need God a lot.

Whose is the Kingdom? Those who are poor in spirit. (Matthew 5:3)

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/gods-use-of-and-delight-in-the-least-of-these/

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Meditation for the Body, Mind and Soul

Meditation is an approach to training of the mind, meditation has so many wonderful advantages that can help improve your life. Some of the benefits include; reduce of stress, improving concentration, increases self-awareness and acceptance, and increased happiness and an overall calmness and relaxed state.

Several meditation benefits include:

1. Stress reduction
Meditation allows people to take control of their nervous system and emotions. This will help reduce stress and anxiety. One will be able to their regulate emotions in the brain thanks to mindful meditation and be able to focus and relax easily.

2. Improved concentration
When you start to meditate, your mind is trained to focus and concentrate. You can close your eyes and concentrate or leave them open and focus on various objects. Getting distracted is discouraged by meditation, and you can even multitask as there is a greater concentration in the brain which is as a result of increased energy provided by meditation.

3. Increase self-awareness and acceptance
Meditation helps us to recognize who we are, why we are like so, and our behavior. Once you have self-awareness through daily meditation you’ll experience more peace and acceptance in everyday life.

4. Improve cardiovascular and immune health
Meditating every day induces relaxation which increases a nitric oxide compound that causes blood vessels to open up, hence blood pressure dropping. It has also been proven that meditation improves immunity and helps to fight sickness.

5. Encourages a healthy lifestyle
Meditation has helped people stop drinking alcohol, as well as stop smoking. Meditation has made so many people start living a healthier life by taking care of themselves in general and using products that only promote good health.

Here are a few quick steps to start your daily meditation routine for the mind, body and soul.

How to meditate:

· Sit or lie comfortably in a comfortable quiet area.
· Close your eyes or leave them open to focus on an object.
· Breathe slowly and breathe naturally and make no effort to control your breath
· Focus your attention on your breath slowly
· Notice your body movement as you breathe and continue focusing on your breath
· Start meditation for two to three minutes to the start and try longer periods at a time such ad 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s clear that meditation has a lot of benefits which enhances our day to day lives. Practice meditation and you’ll enjoy all the many healing benefits and so much more.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/meditation-for-the-body-mind-and-soul/

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Three Phases of Practicing Meditation

Thirty-five years ago, the idea of daily meditation seemed foreign to us. But today, it’s a normal part of our daily schedule, even if it means getting up thirty minutes earlier or skipping TV to do so.

People of all walks of life practice meditation now, unlike in the past when it was mainly for stereotypical radical spiritual devotees.

The scientifically documented health benefits may surprise you: improves regulation of emotions; decreases depression, inflammation, and stress; improves brain health and memory; increases peace of mind; releases a natural, healthy, feel-good brain opiate, and much more.

Three ascertainable stages exist in committing yourself to regular meditation. First, you wonder if you’re doing it right because nothing seems to happen. Next, you notice subtle changes in your perception of yourself and your life and you realize there’s really something to it. In the third stage you find the regular habit of meditation includes all the benefits listed above and it becomes as normal as going to bed and waking up in the morning. There’s no reluctance to do it, like you encounter in the first stage–you just do it to get your daily feel-good fix.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to get past the first stage. Maintain discipline and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

To the skeptics, we understand your cynicism because we’ve been there, but the science behind it is so overwhelming that we urge you to consider it.

In some cases, entering the second stage can be scary; don’t worry, you won’t become a vacant-minded zombie. Instead, you’ll learn to disengage from daily mind-dramas and monkey mind. Have you ever walked along a beach and the waves lulled you into a peaceful state of mind? That’s the feeling you can generate on a daily basis, anywhere–all you need is a little discipline.

We list five tips below to help you get started, or to go deeper if you’ve already started.

1. Keep in mind that meditation is best approached as a long-term discipline. You may feel at first that you’re just going through the motions. But if you stay the course, you’ll reach a point where you’ll know exactly when you’re (easily) entering a meditative state of mind. It may take you weeks or even months, but you will get there if you continue.

2. Drop your expectations. The reason that nothing seems to be happening at first is that nothing is supposed to happen, in a manner of speaking. The practice involves detaching from your mind, so of course it’ll seem like nothing is happening because you’re used to mind-chatter all the time.

3. Expect your subconscious mind to rebel, as it can do with major changes in your life. Your collective subconscious (fears and defenses) may react while you are attempting to detach from it, so recognize the ever-so creative impressions (e.g., an itch or “you forgot to turn off your oven”) generated by it to resist your efforts.

4. To avoid falling asleep in this discipline, get enough sleep and sit upright instead of lying down because your mind is conditioned to sleep lying laying down. You’ll find with practice that you’ll feel refreshed after meditation. Scientific studies have found that the process of meditation actually replicates many of the benefits of sleep, so you may need less sleep. In our long-term experience, waking up thirty minutes earlier for a meditation session before a busy day doesn’t seem like losing sleep due to the natural health benefits.

5. Sit comfortably (you don’t have to sit like a yogi), close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on your chest-plate (or third eye). You can also try laying your arms away from your sides and focus on letting all stress drain away. Or pretend you’re facing a wall of rock while mountain climbing, where your intense focus is vital. That’s all there is to it, along with the discipline to avoid quitting. Other helpful tips include slowly counting from one to 100 or 1000, doing it on an empty stomach such as first thing in the morning, trying it after exercise, and asking for help from your guides of the Light.

We encourage you to practice regular meditation to reap all the wonderful benefits, especially peace of mind.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/three-phases-of-practicing-meditation/

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Visualization Meditation Technique

There are 5 categories of meditation:

  1. Concentration Meditation
  2. Reflective Meditation
  3. Mindfulness Meditation
  4. Heart-centered Meditation
  5. Creative Meditation

Of these 5…this article will focus on the Mindfulness Meditation category:

The Mindfulness Meditation is arguably one of the foremost and powerful meditation techniques. It places on cultivating a highly mindful and receptive attention towards any form of action or objects around your sphere of influence. Mindfulness meditation is amongst the types of meditations that aids you in learning a simple thing; which is to pay attention. This form of meditation is renowned for providing pain relief and help to those going through depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness Meditation is one of the foremost types of meditation, and it is considered to have a calming effect on the mind. The transformative power it has can’t be overstated. It gives one with great strength and conviction to redirect the course of one’s life. Below are 8 types of Mindfulness Meditation techniques that are equally very important.

  1. Vipassana meditation
  2. Deep breathing meditation
  3. Body scan meditation
  4. Visualization meditation
  5. Mindful breathing
  6. Mindful eating
  7. Sitting Meditation
  8. Walking Meditation

Of these 8 types…this article will actually focus on just one type of Mindfulness Meditation technique: the “Visualization Meditation”.

Visualization Meditation

There is no gainsaying the fact that one of the most powerful and inspiring a person can experience is visualization. It also goes hand in hand with being able to manifest what one wants to see, and then make it a reality. The mind is very powerful. It’s abilities, astonishing. And once you engage in the practice of visualization meditation, you can grow your abilities in leaps and bounds, especially towards starting the kind of life you desire.

Visualization Meditation requires focusing one’s attention on a visual object. It is quite popular and potent amongst all other types of meditation. It is more than just an inner technique, and it can affect the outer world’s conditions, directly. One actually gets benefits from visualization. Looking at it from one perspective, visualization is just another form of meditation per se, whereby one gazes upon the internal image, instead of the outer image of an object.

Visualization meditation allows for one to get more freedom to choose images he or she will concentrate on. One can actually imagine seeing any spiritual teacher, scene or object, without having to possess a physical image to see. Hence, one gets to possess an inexhaustible collection of images, from where any thing can be conceived. This is so that one can easily make a choice of the one that accurately represents and transmits power from the particular state one wants to visualize.

Visualization meditation goes a long way to help people achieve two things: closeness to their desired end state of mind; and the second is like the first: it rids their consciousness of negativity and inhibitions that withhold them. Once visualization meditation is constantly put into practice, the manifestation one seeks will be made manifest.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/the-visualization-meditation-technique/

Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Most Spiritual Life

Spiritual advancement is not a belief in non-Native American worlds. In a Native American world spirituality is life. Life is not viewed in a physical sense as much as a White, Black, and Asian existence views it. Indigenous people are spiritual by nature and strive to be entirely spiritual even in their physical life. Spiritually living is very different than physical minded living. By opening the spiritual world, life becomes different for a physically minded person. Living from a feeling of spirit is an example of spiritual existence.

Many people do not live by spirit but from mind and body.(As well as taught behaviors and environment). Living by the spirit is not something nonnatives people do by nature and probably could never to the extent of Native Americans. A Native American is the most spiritual living human being. The spirit of them naturally is different, and they are the most connected to the spirituality of life itself. A non-native person has a spirit, but their connection to the spiritual realm is very different. My views on the evolution of one’s life have nothing to do with achieving the impossible of becoming a Native American.

My views are concerning helping someone(anyone who wants to) become more spiritual minded as opposed to mental, physical, and environmental misteaching that can hinder someone’s spiritual connection to life. Thinking in an evolved approach can be related to a spiritual existence as opposed to a physical state of mind. From my understanding in my physical life, I have learned that physicality does not do such “great things” for people but rather sets them back from fully evolving. To evolve, one must lose the physical life and live in the spirit. How can you that if you are a physical being?

Let me ask you a question how you would become anything you just cannot be? That is true, but that does not prevent one from focusing on the spiritual part of your physical existence. So could a spirit in a spiritual life advance as a spirit? I am sure they can. They definitely could not physically evolve though just because of the simple fact that there is no physical life to “evolve.” Believe me; they wouldn’t want to live physically anyhow. So my point is it makes sense that in a physical life regardless of how spiritual someone is the spirit is there for someone to acknowledge and grow.

Though someone may be very physical minded it is not impossible to become more in tuned to the spiritual life. Why would it be? There is a soul everyone has. A soul is a spiritual life living inside of a physical body in a physical life. In other words if one has access to something why could someone not spiritually evolve through learning and development. So regardless of who someone is you have a spiritual side to your physical life.

I am a 35-year-old Native American woman, and I have learned a lot about myself along the way. I have learned about others as well. I respect other people’s right to be who they are and whether they appreciate who I am is of no concern to me. I live more like a spirit than a physical being. I was always surrounded by physical lives none that made much sense to me. From my life experience, I can offer some conclusions about what I think can help someone live spiritually. If any spiritual existence comes to be, that is a plus.

Otherwise, living in a physical life with no spiritual connection to life itself, will not further someone physically or spiritually. I have learned from other people. Their spiritual nature was lacking. Through that lacking came “types” of people and their behaviors I noticed. So that leads me to explain these guys and their ways. The connection I have found is that negative types of individuals who live with other people have a degree of a lack of spiritual existence. They are more physical in nature as opposed to someone more spiritual. The physical life engulfs the spirit, mind, and body in flames. Connection to the Spirit has an evolutionary impact on the furthering of one’s mind, body, and soul. No progress is ever made just by never changing. To become better evolution has to exist.

How does a physical life evolve? From taught behaviors that a physically minded person showed you. Listening to your instincts and your heart are all spiritual. Physical is simply blood and veins. Listen to your spirit and not your mind as much. Your sense tells you a lot and physicality will dumb you down. It is the physical life that lies to people. Through the mind and body in an unevolved existence of life is why a lack of spiritual understanding is there. By creating a spiritual understanding, you can start to live more like a spirit and become more spiritual.

Physical life directly holds one back from evolving not only spiritually but mentally and physically. Opening your connection to this realm is crucial. Many changes will come, and every individual will undoubtedly be affected in some way to some degree. Spiritual acknowledgment means a better life, more free, more happy, and more intelligent.

Some of the changes that can take place are as follows. That kid you went to school with, you ever notice? He or she wasn’t so kind to you or others right? That is an example of unevolved spiritual existence. When one evolves spiritually and loses the adverse effects of physicality the spiritual life shines and what a different life they have!

I can only try to guide and help, and no one tip is necessarily going to make one more spiritual. It takes wanting it and never losing sight of what you want. Talking to the Creator aka God to some will help. Listening to your heart and your soul is critical. What do you feel?

So you had a difficult childhood. People were dirtbags, and they kicked you around. They were obnoxious and always seemed to give you problems. How many people can relate? It’s that negative energy that can destroy you if you let it. A part of being spiritual has nothing to do with their negative energies. If anything by letting their ugliness hurt you and responding to them only hinders you from living spiritually and not advancing spiritually. The reason being that spiritually living is too evolved to care about unevolved physical life.

Keeping in mind what matters is a part of spiritual living. Not the stupid lowly physical habits and environmental teachings, some if not many, have adopted.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/the-most-spiritual-life/

A New View of Self-Development

I know that there are many people who are very cautious or are ‘sitting on the fence’ when it comes to topics like psychic development and metaphysics, and I think this is due to the fact that these fields have received bad press by using their own jargon such as ‘connecting’, ‘channeling’ and ‘5th dimensional portals’ which sound very mysterious and strange to those who are not part of such groups or circles. So what I really want to do is de-mystify some ideas on psychic development and metaphysics by linking them to the normal process of human self-development and the scientific and psychological research which underlies this development.

A simple definition of metaphysics would be the study and practice of principles relating to the mind and reality which extend beyond our everyday understanding. This means a more universal and expanded framework of thinking than is currently taught in learning institutions.

I have made the statement that psychic or ‘spiritual” growth could be seen as linked to a natural process of self-development, having a gradual learning curve and being part of a continuum of growth which involves mastering new skills relating to feelings, thinking and perception. If we accept that we all have a higher, more spiritual and moral side (sometimes called the higher or authentic self in psychology), this could be seen as similar to a process of self-actualisation, and both personal growth and metaphysics could be seen as having the aim of achieving this self-actualisation.

Of course, metaphysics does present teachings which contain a number of ‘different’ views or ideas on life, death and what supposedly happens after death, some of which may seem radical, and you may argue that these ideas are simply another set of dogmatic beliefs. However, there is an important difference, in that metaphysics encourages free thought and provides an open-ended exploration of self and reality directed at the development of consciousness, in which each person is urged to find his or her own path. Truth is discovered in the heart by those who are sincere in their search, and each is allowed to decide this for him or herself.

To substantiate my earlier statement that psychic development can be linked to self-development, it will be seen that in most metaphysical teachings, similar to courses or coaching in personal development, each person is encouraged to deal with important emotional and psychological obstacles to growth, including repressed emotions, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs and closed paradigms of thinking. I personally do not believe that it is possible to achieve self-actualisation when one is caught in a web of fear-based thoughts and habits based on unpleasant experiences and memories from the past.

Self-exploration (iq) (intelligence quotient)

Metaphysical practices are aimed at self-introspection, emotional and psychological change and the learning of new skills designed to unleash the true creative power of the mind, build new levels of confidence and self-understanding and develop the latent abilities which we all have.

It is a well-known fact that meditation improves mindfulness and increases creativity. At the beginning of the development curve or continuum, metaphysics introduces practices such as meditation and visualisation for the purpose of self-exploration and self-empowerment, radically increasing mindfulness, producing a greater depth of understanding, deeper self-knowledge and the improvement of one’s self-image and self-esteem through self-acceptance. In this way these practices fulfill the same role as coaching or counselling.

Emotional development (eq) (emotional quotient) (emotional intelligence)

The next part of the curve would involve achieving a degree of emotional wellness, or emotional intelligence, which means developing empathy for others, identifying and managing our own emotions, and attaining a degree of emotional resilience to day-to-day challenges which may be stressful. A period of emotional healing is also necessary, during which we let go of lingering emotions from the past such as anger and resentment, and learn to forgive others as well as ourselves for past mistakes. This would apply to normal human development as well as training in metaphysics.

When it comes to emotional wellness, meditation is a recognised practice in some forms of therapy. It has also been shown to be useful as a means of de-stressing, as well as increasing the sense of control and self-mastery, which is certainly related to self-development.

Heightened levels of empathy that accompany an improved emotional intelligence (EQ) would correspond to an increased moral sense, which could also be related to metaphysical practices, which emphasise the brotherhood of man and the aspect of service to mankind.

The development of the mind.

Metaphysical practices also demand a clear and open mind. This means having to deal with outdated ideas, self-limiting beliefs and unwanted emotional ‘debris’ from the past, and ‘shifting gears’ to more universal or holistic patterns of thinking. Both self-development and metaphysics encourage this clearing or healing process, as well as the adopting of a more flexible framework of ideas which allows us to process and assimilate new insights and experiences.

the development of spiritual development or spiritual intelligence (spiritual quotient)
However, by its very nature, metaphysics extends beyond normal day-to-day self-development to include building a relationship with our subconscious minds, which will provide the underlying power for advanced new skills such as heightened sense perception, intuition, psychic sight and realisation of the higher self or soul. This meeting/ merging with the true human identity could be viewed as self-actualisation, and be seen as the apex of the developmental curve, or end of the self-development continuum.


The process of psychic and spiritual development as introduced in metaphysics follows a path similar to normal human self-development, but extends this process to include the highest possible levels of self-realisation. In this way it could be seen to have a foundation in human psychology and developmental processes.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/a-new-view-of-self-development/

Friday, 26 May 2017

Radical Departure From the Habitual Neurology – True Living Becomes Possible

Releasing oneself from the conventional neurology is not easy. However, it is possible. It helps us dissolve the common psychological negatives such as fear, anger, regret, attachment, resentment, self-pity etc. One can discover the factors that give us a push in the direction of a radical departure from the habitual road in which the vast majority of people is in a mad rush. In-depth living becomes possible.

It is well known that people’s life on this planet is primarily driven by the demand for ego satisfaction and ego security. This permeates the field of religion too, unfortunately. The other factor to be considered here is that human responses and reactions come from the conditioned mind. This matter of conditioning is a very deep one and human beings generally remain unaware of this. It is deep because three major factors affect it – genetic conditioning, cultural conditioning and past-life conditioning. As a result, people get into complications and suffer mentally even when their survival needs are well met. Reflective people begin to enquire into the basis of this suffering.

Imagine we are on a broad road in which thousands of people are pushing each other and hurrying along. We get pushed and we push others. There is a great momentum that keeps people arrested in this mindless rush. That is how the habitual neurology in an individual is moulded and people remain a slave to it from teenage onward. It is possible to release oneself from this deplorable situation and that would be like taking off from the broad road mentioned above. It is a radical departure from the conventional functioning of the mind. We no longer get pushed by the crowd and we stop pushing others too.

The Release
Before there can be a release from a captured situation, there should be an awareness of what is going on. Let us look at the legendary hero Tarzan. In many episodes, he gets imprisoned by horrid tribal people or savages. In most of them, if not all, Tarzan releases himself – primarily by his careful observation of the physical and functional factors that keep him arrested. Thereafter, his sagacity comes in and helps him free himself. The moral of this scenario is that the major factor in the release is a matter of awareness – an in-depth understanding of the situation one is in.

In the same way, what can help people make a radical departure from the captured situation of group psychology and habitual neurology is one of simple self-awareness – because the causal factors are all from one’s own mental conditioning. Again, as in the case of Tarzan, it is a matter of careful observation, awareness and perception.

Once we release ourselves and move into the branching off road, it becomes possible to lead a wholesome life because we would no longer be driven by the herd mentality. The freedom from that slavery leads to inner peace and one can understand the purity of aloneness. Abundant feeling flows towards all living beings naturally and without effort.

What can help?
The primary releasing factor is the awareness of our being captured by the conventional thought process in the form of fear, anger, regret, attachment, resentment, jealousy, and such ‘I’ associated neurosis. The more we observe ourselves being caught by that process, the more we discover what it means to be free. The following items can act as catalysts in the process of deepening self-awareness.

1. Being neither a believer nor a non-believer: Freedom from attachment to beliefs or their opposites – this can help us be explorers and, hence, put us on a journey of discovery.

2. Shattering readings: Going through books depicting the talks of some Masters can produce shattering readings. This is because such talks tend to demolish the psychological wall that we build around us in our ignorance sustained by the noisy mind. The shattering feeling is particularly evident when we read J. Krishnamurti’s presentation. Such Masters strike away all the moorings we hold on to as a result of misguided mental stance. Those moorings provide a false sense of security. Total surrender can take place only when all that the ego relies on is dissolved.

3. Messages from Near Death Experience (NDE): People who visit the afterlife for a brief period bring great messages that can help us free ourselves from the habitual neurology. It is clear from their messages that if we do not release ourselves from the slavery of group psychology, we would only waste our life and feel sorry for it towards the end. Once we get on to the branch road, we can appreciate the value of life beyond the ego demands. The NDE people, except those who still remain in the clutches of religious conditioning, are already on the branch road and so they can help others get on to it.

No religious or meditative system, method, formula or technique can ever help us depart from the main road, because they all inevitably feed the ego. Each one has to apply oneself to discover what can take us away from the habitual neurology. Once we see the value and the beauty of the release, the freedom from the main road would be accelerated. Inner conflicts begin to cease. One gets the energy to move into higher dimensions of consciousness, even as one fulfills the mundane responsibilities. Many NDE people live that way.

One of the things that take place after we get on to the side road is the shedding of the addiction to the social media. The newspaper and the TV news channels can be horrendous mental polluters. However, with the awareness of how harmful they can be, it is possible to have a marginal and innocuous association with them.

Buddha said, “Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.”

Those who pay attention to the above metaphor of the departure from the main road discover several aids in daily life to free them from the conventional rut.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Financial Astrology

The Zodiac signs can be a good guiding factor in your financial fortunes (or even misfortunes). For those who believe in free astrology, the stellar constellation influences every walk of life including the financial gains or losses in an individual s life. The web world has numerous resources to understand this in depth and includes resources such as free astrology or astrology com

. Financial free astrology defined Financial free astrology and astrology com represents the use astronomic data to forecast movements in the financial market or the behavior in general. Different methods can be employed by a financial astrologer to arrive at the forecasts. Most of the methods however do have a liberal use of mathematics, geometry and astronomy. Financial free astrology is also known as business astrology or economic astrology. To gain more insight into the definition of financial free astrology you should refer free astrology or astrology com.

Application Major areas of applying financial free astrology and astrology com are:

1. Predicting the cyclical behavior of the outer planets as they apply to economic trends

2. Using the planetary configurations to help investors identify suitable industries during a given time frame

3. Identifying specific stocks for particular time frame

4. Identifying suitable dates for buy/sell operations

5. Relating the market movement during day trading with the astrological aspect For a deeper understanding of how each of these work, you should refer to free astrology or astrology com Varying degree of acceptance of free astrology The practice of financial free astrology is built on the belief that astrology does influence human behavior.

Though the Western thought might want to rubbish this, other forms of market pointers like technical analysis or fundamental analysis do tend to fail as often as the financial astrology predictions, or succeed at the same rate. Thus, in spite of having logical base, proponents of financial free astrology and astrology com hold that even the so-called logical methods are not fail proof. The concept that the traders moods are influenced by astrological aspects is propounded by a number of web sites giving out the planetary aspects governing the market on real time basis.

Free astrology/astrology com is among the resources to throw better light on this. It is arguable whether the correlation is perfect, but trained observers do derive some indications. Examples: To cite examples, statistic do reveal that during short durations such as 30 minutes, the markets tend to go down with more ease when there are more than two or just two free astrology aspects categorized as hard. Conversely, with soft aspects, the markets tend to go up, or such a possibility is greater. A flat market is represented by the absence of any of these aspects.

Very short durations such as 5 to 45 minutes can be correlated accurately with exact aspects of the relevant planets. Free astrology /astrology com has more on this to offer. End note Market hypothesis however goes to say that securities trading being at random, it is natural that while some traders make money others lose it. Those making money may hail their system that is so unique, like the technical analysis or financial free astrology and when the results fall on right end of a normal curve.

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Learn How to Read Tarot: Learning about Layouts and Tarot Decks

Learn How to Read Tarot: Learning about Layouts and Tarot Decks. When you first begin tarot, the first things you learn about are the tarot layout and tarot decks. There are many different types of tarot layout and tarot deck. You just have to find the ones that you like. The most common tarot layout is the ten card Celtic cross tarot layout. As you can tell the tarot layout uses ten cards and you do just as the tarot layout suggests. You arrange them into the Celtic cross. In this tarot layout the first card is your center card.tarot cards

The next card you lay in the tarot layout should be a card laying over that card in the opposite direction. Following that you put the third card below the middle card and follow the third card with the fourth card in which you place that to the left of the first card you laid. The fifth card should be laid above the first card you laid and the sixth card to the right of the first card lay. Cards seven through ten should be placed in a line to the right of the cross you just laid. It s all a pretty simple tarot layout. Each card has a meaning then.

The first card is to tell you about the current position that you are in. The next card, what is about to cross your path. The third card reveals your potentials with the fourth card being your foundation. The fifth card tells of your past and the sixth card in the tarot layout reveals your future. The seventh card shows your fears while the eighth card reveals the way others see you. Your ninth card in the card layout is your hopes and expectations and last, the tenth card, is the outcome. Now, tarot decks are very important.

Tarot decks show that you are personality wise. There is a vast sort of tarot decks that you can choose from. Some of the tarot decks I have seen sort of made me laugh as they had gummi bear tarot decks. Others were sort of interesting and you could see it matching someone s personality. These are like the African tarot decks or the Chinese tarot decks. I did a search about the more popular tarot decks and here are what I have found.

The top ten tarot decks are: the bohemian gothic tarot, Sol Invictus: the god tarot, Jean Noblet tarot, Vanessa Tarot, Mystic Faerie tarot, Golden Botticelli Tarot, Lo Scarabeo Tarot, Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, Steele Wizard Tarot, and Fantastical Creatures tarot decks. Those are the ten most popular decks. So find the deck that fits your style and show people who you really are as you give them their future and their readings. That s where to begin when you want to do tarot readings. These are the two most important things to know about. While I gave you an overview you have to check these out yourself to understand which ones suit you best. Now, what are you waiting for 🙂

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/learn-how-to-read-tarot-learning-about-layouts-and-tarot-decks/

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Understanding how a Mercury Retrograde can impact our lives.

A Mercury Retrograde occurs when the observable course the planet Mercury makes through the sky appears to slow down, stop and then reverse in the opposite direction. In actuality though, this is just an optical illusion. Mercury’s course around the sun never really changes direction. It just appears to do so from earth. The reason for this is because from our position in space we can only observe Mercury’s movement from the side, in two dimensions,

instead of three. So what looks like a back and forth course to us is, in fact, a circular orbital course similar to our own. There is one big difference however. Mercury circles the sun much more rapidly and closer than we do, taking only 88 days to complete a full orbit. For this reason, we can observe a Mercury Retrograde three to four times each year.

In astrology, a Mercury Retrograde is a very significant event because any movements of the planets can have dramatic influences on our lives here on earth. Mercury rules communication as an astrological sign. For this reason, it is thought that everything can go haywire.

What to Expect During a Mercury Retrograde.
During a Mercury Retrograde expect the unexpected. In particular you may find that communications with others can break down. This includes both technological and human forms of communication. Systems of communication you count on as being reliable may begin to fail you in some way. Cell phone calls may get dropped or an important email you have been waiting for may end up in your spam folder. There may also be simple misunderstandings between people. Someone may tell you one thing yet you hear something completely different.

On a positive note, a Mercury Retrograde can be a good time for you to hold back on making any important decisions. If you are about to make a big commitment or enter into an important agreement, it can be a good time to step back a bit and further evaluate your intentions.

Ask yourself if what you are about to do is really a wise decision. At times, a little introspection can often work wonders. When the Mercury Retrograde has been completed, move forward with you plans as normal, but do so with confidence because you have taken the time to really evaluate your decisions.

Also, if you can, try to be conscious through which sign a Mercury Retrograde is being cast because these can often hint at what kinds of issues are the most pressing. If it lies within Aires, for example, there may have underlying issues that could be clouding your creativity or insight. If, on the other hand, a Mercury Retrograde falls within Cancer then their may be issues concerning miscommunications with family members. This is because Aires typically represents our creative abilities while Cancer often refers to our family and domestic life.

Love and Relationships During a Mercury Retrograde
The same holds true for relationships. If you are thinking about making any major changes to your love life, you will also want to take a pause and consider the ramifications of about your intentions. What are your motivations and feelings about your relationships?

Does your partner share them with you as well? More importantly, a Mercury Retrograde tells us to examine these issues very closely to make sure that we are not missing an important truth that we may be intentionally or unintentionally trying to avoid. We must be honest with both ourselves and our partner so we can clear the air of any issues that may be lying just beneath the surface. Once the Mercury Retrograde is completed, you can move forward with your plans but with a much better understanding than before.

What this all means is that whenever a Mercury Retrograde occurs, we should be reflective and look deep within our selves and those around us before we make any assumptions. It is definitely a time to take action or make any big decisions. However, once you have had some time to assess your motivations, you can then feel free to move forward once the Mercury Retrograde has been completed.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/mercury-retrograde/

Monday, 1 May 2017

How to Think Like a Hero

You dont have to scale mountains or fight dragons to be heroic.

You can be the hero in your own life. Your unique brand of heroism lies in living your life with your own sense of integrity in the way you want to live it. To be a successful may mean accomplishing huge goals or making small adjustments, yet the courage and commitment you need to do either is of the same quality. Your promise to yourself is ultimately accountable only to you, even though you may also choose to share your goals with others to garner support. All true heroes know that they have the highest standards for themselves.

If you ask a psychic a question about your future, most will tell that your destiny is not set in stone. This is because most all psychics believe that all people have a free will and their futures are still largely determined by the decisions they make. Becoming a hero in the face of adversity is one way you can take control your own destiny.

Part of being a hero is that you will probably be tested along the way and find that sometimes you may falter. This quality of courageously reaching for your goals over and over again, despite the fact that occasionally you may fail, marks you as the hero in your own life. Remember, even the powers of Superman can be sometimes be thwarted by kryptonite. What makes him a hero is not the fact that he is perfect, but rather that he is willing to face adversity head-on again and again even if he doesnt always succeed. Thinking like a hero in this way can sustain you in the toughest of times.

Being a Hero on a Bad Day
Making constructive steps towards your goals is easiest when life around you proceeds in a fairly predictable manner. You know in advance which obstacles you are going to potentially face and youve prepared well. And then you have “one of those days” where every crisis you could have possibly imagined rains down on you all at once your car breaks down, an unexpected bill you cant afford to pay arrives in the mail, and your boss gives you unrealistic deadline to complete a difficult project. On top of that your energy levels are low because youve been working hard and youre coming down with a nasty cold that makes you feel weak, fed up, and sorry for yourself.

Everyone has these days sometimes they turn into weeks or even longer and when youre in the middle of a challenging goal, sustaining your efforts is tough. Something has to give. Trouble is, if your goal gets sidelined, you find it really easy to beat yourself up and that can create an even bigger setback as you can lose your confidence in yourself.

Its at times like these that you have to become your own hero by realizing that you have to persevere through lifes many challenges in order to succeed in the long run. If you have to temporarily put aside your big goal in order to get through a bad run of luck or unusual series of events, then so be it. Accept that setbacks are a normal part of life. Dont let them get you down. Deal with them the best you can so that you can get back on track and remain focused on your primary goals and objectives. Think about ways to make progress, even in very small ways, such as looking for any unexpected opportunity that may arise from a bad situation. When faced with adversity, a true hero always rises to the occasion.

source https://phonepsychicreadingsguide.com/how-to-think-like-a-hero/

Thursday, 23 March 2017

House Clearing

Home Clearing

Have you every entered a home, business or some environment were you felt something that you could not explain. Your were probably experiencing stagnant energy that takes on many forms, negative or positive, dark or light. This can take the shape of lost souls needing to find light or possibly negative energy left behind from past occupants. Some examples of such places include sacred land were ancient people lived or worshipped or perhaps a property built over a cemetary.

One common occurrence is the purchase of a new home were negative energy affects family, friends and pets inhabiting the home. Occupants may experience difficulty sleeping, relaxing, concentrating or just lack of energy. This phenomonon may also effect inanimate objects such as household appliances, computers, televisions.

Children and animals tend to be very sensitive to energy changes and may experience changes in personality and behavior.  In these cases, please do not think your loved ones are going crazy. This type of energy needs to be managed and cleared from an environment.

Services Offered

Asknow is able to see and feel negative energy and often can clear an environment. She will also instruct you on how to maintain a clear environment once she has completed her session. The process is similar to a physical spring house cleaning.

One of the most popular techniques with the best outcomes involves a process called “Smudging”. “Smudging” involves the use of dried sage leaves that can be purchased at a natural food and healing store.

Martine starts a session with a non-denomonational prayer asking her guides for protection. She proceeds through a property that requires clearing infusing it with positive energy, love and light. This helps to open the environmental portals allowing souls stuck in darkness to go into the light. Martine also uses mirrors to clear and block negative energy within a home.

Personal Smudging

Asknow encourages there clients to partake in a “Smudging” session. These sessions can be done outdoors and indoors. With a lite sage in hand, an individual will need to stretch their arms from the top of their head to their feet soles within a 2-3 inch circumference. After this task is completed, an individual should thank with love and light  their higher power or guardian angel.

Click Here to Visit Asknow.com

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Before you waste any time wondering if you have any psychic abilities or whether you can actually develop them, let me clear up the issue by saying that you do have psychic abilities and you can easily develop them. Everyone has psychic abilities! The question is how you develop them.

Would you believe that you can radically increase your psychic abilities by practicing for 5-10 minutes a day? All you need is pen and paper. Don’t think about your psychic abilities as something “special” or “difficult to learn. Learning to use your psychic abilities is no more difficult than learning to bake a cake – you’re just using different ingredients!

Before we dive into instructions about how to increase your abilities, let’s define what we mean by psychic abilities. In shamanic terms, we call these abilities “Spirit perceptics” or “Spirit abilities.” In other words, these are abilities beyond your five senses that are part of your Spirit. You can use these abilities to access information way beyond what you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. With these abilities you can access almost any kind of information, talk to spirits or beings who have died and much more.

Here’s a simple exercise that will help you develop your psychic abilities. With this exercise your goal is to practice using your Spirit abilities to access information that you can’t access with your five senses. Here’s how you do it:

1. Bring pen, paper and a watch or timer to a very public location that has lots of people. Fast food restaurants, airports or malls are good places to start.

2. Seat yourself in a comfortable location where you can easily write, observe people and see your timer or clock.

3. Pick a person to observe (you will need to observe him or her for 30 seconds). Set your timer for 30 seconds and start writing.

4. Write anything and everything that comes up about that person, whether you can directly observe it or not. It’s easier to start by writing what you can observe about the person (such as hair color, clothing, activities and so forth). Don’t think about what you are writing and don’t allow yourself to pause. Don’t worry about whether you’re observations are correct or not. Write as much as you can and as fast as you can.

5. Once the 30 seconds is up, pick another person to observe, set your timer and start writing.

6. Observe 10 people during a span of 5 minutes.

To give you an example of what you might right, look at the paragraph below:
Man, blond hair, jeans, has kids, mustache, kind, loves sports, likes water, has a brother, works outdoors, in tune with Nature, born in the West or has a connection to the West, nice tan, sneakers, talking with someone, talks with hand gestures, works well with hands, sensitive hands, sensitive nature, enjoys people, likes the color red, wears red a lot, brown eyes, around 40, jazz music, smiles a lot.

You’ll notice in the short description above that there are many descriptions that can be seen with the five senses – the color of his hair, the way he talks with his hands, the color of his eyes and his tan. In between, though, are descriptors that can’t be seen with the five senses – that he has a brother, he is in tune with Nature, likes the color red and jazz music. Notice that I didn’t write that he likes jazz music, plays jazz music or listens to jazz music. I just wrote “jazz music.” There may be someone around him to plays jazz music or he may like to listen to jazz music. Those details didn’t come up so I just wrote jazz music. Be sure to write whatever comes up – no editing!!

It doesn’t matter if any of your descriptions, especially those that are done with Spirit abilities, are actually correct. The goal is to practice accessing information with these abilities. The correctness of your observation will improve with time. Practice this exercise as often as you can – any time you are waiting for a bus, sitting at a restaurant or resting in a public setting. If you don’t get out much, you can do the same exercise by turning the volume off your TV and observing the people on TV.

You’ll find that with practice you will develop the ability to simply look at people and know what they are like, what’s going on in their lives and what is important to them. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. The key is not to get attached to the correctness of what you right. The less you judge yourself the more correct your observations will become. Good luck!

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